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Cynthia L.

I was involved in a car accident 35 years ago, which caused severe damage to my spine. I now have degenerative disc disease and I have a tear in my muscle that is located between my spinal cord and vertebra. This allows my discs between my L4 and L5 to protrude and put pressure on my spinal cord. Sometimes the pain I feel from this is unbearable and even sometimes the protrusion of these discs kept me in bed for weeks at a time. I would take steroids, muscle relaxers, and pain pills to try to help relieve any pressure and pain that I was experiencing. I have tried numerous chiropractors, neurologist, physical therapists, massage therapists, and have been to the emergency room on many occasions and nothing seemed to be helping.

I met Dr. Jill Winget at a health fair that my office was hosting for us. At that time I got into a conversation with Dr. Jill about the different types of treatments that they offer at Raleigh Specific Chiropractic. One of the treatments Dr. Jill told me about was the Spinal Decompression table that helps treat my exact problem, Disc Degeneration, which caught my attention. I scheduled a New Patient appointment in their office to learn more about how they could help me. Dr. James and Dr. Jill were the first doctors to go into detail about the health of my spine and what needed to be done to help correct it.

I have been coming to the office regularly for the past 6 weeks now and I am feeling much better. Even though they focus on the health of my spine, they also care about my overall well-being. With their care I feel as if I will be able to stop using some of the medications that I am on right now due to pain and inflammation. They have been a God send after all these years in pain.

Also, I want to mention that the staff at Raleigh Specific Chiropractic makes you feel welcomed; they are so helpful, caring, and friendly. Thank you to the doctors and their staff for your special care and support.


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