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Rosa V. - I am no longer facing a painful and dangerous back surgery!

Before starting my decompression program, I had low back problems and it was suggested that I have surgery on my back. My daily life was greatly impacted. I couldn’t sit for longer than 10 minutes. The pain was so intense that I was forced to stop exercising. As a result I lost 12 pounds in four months from being in constant pain. I had a steroid injection in my back and it made my back pain worse! The doctor I was going to suggested surgery and wanted to put a metal rod in my spine. With Lordex, I noticed a change in my pain level by the fourth visit! I can now sit in my chair at work for an hour and 45 minutes at a time, instead of only 10 minutes, and that is getting better each day! I am also exercising again and able to do light housework that I couldn’t do before decompression. I am walking more and at a faster pace each time I walk. My pain is a lot better and I have gained back 5 of the 12 pounds that I had lost. I am no longer facing a painful and dangerous back surgery!


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