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Alex - My foot pain and numbness was cut in 1/2

“I had pain in my hands and feet – my feet also felt numb in approximately the front 1/3 of the feet.

After approximately 7 weeks of treatment, the pain in my hands is a 2-3 out of ten vs. a 5-6 before. The numbness is confined mostly to my toes at this point. Before, when I sat up on the side of the bed to get up, the bottoms of my feet were very painful. Most of that is gone. This enables me to walk better, especially without shoes on.

The treatment on my neck and lower back has given me greater range of motion with less pain/binding. I feel much better – even mentally there is more hope as I can feel Gods healing taking place. This, plus the faith to be healed is overwhelming.

Te neurologist had said my neuropathy was severe and advanced – unstoppable – irreversible – and irreparable.

I am thankful to be at this new point in my life, and am looking forward to completing this program and the positives I believe will come with that

I recommend this treatment program to anyone who is suffering as I was or has been ‘thrown under the bus’ by the regular doctors and medical system.”


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