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David G. - You are an Ironman

“I came to Dr. Winget with constant neck pain, and my back felt like someone was digging into it with each breath with a blunt object.  I have had three vertebrae broken and numerous neck injuries, and told countless times that I would have to just live with the pain.  I had a had a dream of being in the Ironman triathlon, but the pain I was in made that impossible.

I met Dr. Jill at a screening and decided to give chiropractic a try, despite what I had grown up hearing how it was not a legitimate profession.  I quickly discovered how wrong that was.  I began to turn my head with less pain, and started training for the Ironman.  I was running for 2-3 hrs, biking for 5-6, and swimming countless laps, and stayed consistent with my weekly adjustments.  Then one day I was able to hear “David, you are an Ironman!”.

I know now that chiropractic helped me accomplish my dream, which otherwise would never have happened.  I still continue to get adjusted because I know that to stay healthy and interference free, chiropractic is the answer.  If you have a dream that your health is interfering with, give chiropractic a try, I did.”


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