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5 Reasons to Stay Hydrated During the Summer

Staying hydrated at all times of the year is important, but it is essential during the summer months. The higher temperatures and humidity cause you to sweat, which can lead to dehydration quickly. The various benefits associated with drinking more water apply to any season, but these advantages may remind you to reach for a glass of water more frequently this summer.

1. Better Skin

Your skin is the biggest organ of the body, and dehydration shows up as dry skin. During the summer, you are also exposed to the sun, which can result in further damage or sunburn. Drinking adequate amounts of water delivers hydration to all areas of the body, including the skin, and the result is soft, smooth, and unblemished skin.

2. Improved Temperature Regulation

When introduced to high temperatures, your body tries to cool down by increasing the flow of blood to the skin and sweating. Another way that you can cool your body is to drink more water. This helps the body reduce its temperature so that it does not need to sweat, which quickly leads to dehydration and electrolyte loss.

3. Better Athletic Function

If you work out during the summer, you may notice that your workouts are harder. You may feel fatigued quicker, and your muscles may not function normally. You may even find that you have muscle cramps. This is because dehydration causes the heart to work harder and the muscles to “shrivel up” and cramp. The makeup of muscles is 80% water, so when you increase your water intake, they work better and longer. Staying hydrated also increases blood volume, which makes it easier for the heart to function.

4. Better Weight Control

Many people are concerned about their body weight, and this is especially true during the summer when there are fewer clothes being worn. Staying hydrated helps to increase your metabolism, which in turn, burns more calories. If you drink water before meals, you also tend to eat less because the body perceives that it is fuller than it is.

5. Enhanced Digestion

No one wants to feel bloated, constipated or gassy. However, the dehydration that can occur during the summer can increase digestive issues. When you drink enough water, food and nutrients are able to move normally through the digestive tract, which reduces digestive distress. It also helps improve toxin elimination via urination.

Staying hydrated is one of the many things you can do to remain healthy. However, there are other ways to stay free of health issues. At Raleigh Specific Chiropractic, our healthcare professionals find the causes to your symptoms and treat them naturally to help you feel and function better. Make an appointment online or by phone at (919) 846-7004, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer.