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How Chiropractic Care Can Help You During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes to make room for a growing baby and prepare you for delivery. This can include gaining weight and shifting your center of gravity.

The good news is that chiropractic care can help make your pregnancy a more pleasant experience.

Unsure how this is possible? No worries. Our team of chiropractic professionals is here to help. Here are seven ways that chiropractic care can provide you with prenatal and postnatal benefits.

Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. In addition to the extra strain that your baby is putting on your back, your body releases hormones that loosen your joints and ligaments in preparation for birth.

Seeking chiropractic care regularly throughout your pregnancy can help relieve back pain and allow you to live more comfortably.

Reduces Nausea

Although chiropractic care may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of treating nausea, spinal realignment can help improve nervous system function and therefore control the hormones that are responsible for nausea and vomiting. A chiropractor can also address digestive issues that may be causing you discomfort.

Promotes Sleep

Many women complain of insomnia during pregnancy, mostly due to improper posture. Seeking chiropractic care can help you correct your posture and therefore get the good night’s sleep that you need to support you and your growing baby.

Improves Pelvic Balance

If you’re worried that your baby will be in the breech position when it’s time for delivery, a chiropractor may be the solution for you. In fact, chiropractors report that they’ve successfully turned 82% of babies from the breech position, which is typically accomplished by maintaining pelvic balance.

Allows for a Smoother Delivery

Regular chiropractic care can help keep your spine, pelvis and hips properly aligned. This can improve your nerve function, which may allow you to control your contractions more effectively. Therefore, meeting with a chiropractor can help you have a smoother delivery.

Enhances Posture

Although it can be difficult, maintaining proper posture and avoiding arching your back is essential during pregnancy if you want to stave off back pain. If you’re having trouble with this, a chiropractor can teach you techniques to keep your back straight.

Supports Continued Wellness After Pregnancy

Taking care of your body shouldn’t end once you’ve given birth. Women who continue to see a chiropractor after their pregnancy have a lower risk of injury when pushing strollers or lifting their babies – and it works tremendously with stress management as well! 

Interested In Chiropractic Care During Your Pregnancy? Work With The Best

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