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Susan W

“I came to see Dr. Winget after seeing an ad in the paper about his neuropathy treatment.  I have diabetic neuropathy and foot pain.  I have had it for several years now. The pain is a burning and throbbing pain accompanied by an ultra sensitive tingling in my toes and yet the ends of my toes feel somewhat numb.  At times, the pain has been somewhat debilitating.  The pain in my feet would keep me up at night.

I have seen three doctors so far to try to help my condition: my regular doctor, a foot specialist, and a neurologist.  I have taken Cymbalta and Amitryptaline and I am currently taking Lyrica. None of the doctors have given me any hope that this problem could get better or become even manageable.

Under Dr. Winget’s care, my feet have improved by 100%! I don’t have nearly the pain that I had prior to the neuropathy treatments.  This therapy has allowed me to walk better, and has really allowed me to do things I had not been able to do for quite some time.  I am sleeping better and not being woken up every night with the pain.  It has also helped reduce my stress because I am not in pain all the time.  I have stopped taking Lyrica because I am doing so well!  Not only is this the best way I’ve found to manage my neuropathy, but this has been a life changing experience for me!”


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