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Matthew C.

Over the past few years I started developing what I thought was a chronic form of back pain. I would always tell myself that the back pain was due to improper sleeping positions or injuries that were never treated what I was playing sports in high school and college. I could never stop the main in my neck and lower back completely with stretching and over the counter medications.

After my complete consultation and exam I started receiving my treatment immediately. The first month of my treatment I saw and felt a massive improvement to my overall health. The pain in my neck and back has decreased and my sleeping pattern has improved. I have also gained better control over some bodily functions that were troubling me for quite some time. I now feel better as a whole. Thanks to the proper education on chiropractic care that Dr. James and Dr. Jill Winget taught me I have realized the importance of taking control of my spinal and physical health. Now, I plan to continue to maintain my spinal well-being for the future years to come.


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