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John H. - Giving me hope and renewed happiness

“I stared out feeling tingling in my feet, and then some numbness started. Not too long after that, weakness in my legs and hands and arms. My neuropathy doctor prescribed Gapapentin for me and told me that the symptoms would increase over time. I was very disheartened about the whole situation. Every day I was getting worse. Even keeping an eye on my blood sugar numbers I was still having progression in my symptoms.

My biggest concerns were whether I would still be able to work and exercise as time went on. When I heard about the Rebuilder from Dr Winget, I was eager to get started. I had ran out of other options. After about the first three sessions, I started to feel more strength in my legs, and some of the pain was gone. A ray of hope appeared in me again! I am now half way through my sessions with hopes of getting a home unit.

The Rebuilder has allowed me to continue to work and exercise. Hopefully in a few more months I will be able to increase my exercise. I thank Dr. Winget and his wonderful staff in giving me hope and renewed happiness. I prayerfully hope the Rebuilder continues to heal my condition. Thank God for Dr. Winget.

God bless you, John H”


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