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Lemuel T. - Headaches, Neck Pain and Posture Problems

“I had a major headache everyday, and so I dealt with them by trying to ignore them and just living with the pain.  The neck pain I was suffering with I dealt with in the same manor and I was hardly aware of my posture problems.  I never took any over the counter medication for the pain, I simply ignored the pain.

When I started care with Dr. Winget I was hoping for the headaches to be taken care of.  So you can imagine how surprised I was when all the pain I had in my body was gone and when I noticed my posture was getting better.  I now sleep sounder, have more energy, feel 300% healthier, and I hardly get sick anymore.  If I do get sick it is gone within 24 hours, which is great!!

-Many Thanks to Dr. Winget and Staff!!”


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