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Ed - I have not taken pain medication in 60 days!

“When I first met Dr. Winget, I was suffering from sharp pain that traveled down my arms from my neck. After a diagnosis and commitment to try to get better, I began a full regimen of exercise and adjustments. After some 60 days, I can honestly state that the pain is gone from my neck to my shoulders, I can now throw a ball with my grandchildren, and the pain in my back (lower) from working in the yard is no longer there. In fact, I have not taken any Advil, Naproxen, nor Aspirin in the last 60 days and I feel great and energized!

I have become a believer that with a commitment to doing the prescribed exercises and getting regular adjustments, that you can reverse Subluxation and feel normal again. I might have never visited a chiropractor had my employer not had a health fair where Dr. Winger came. I’m glad I went and grateful for the care and treatment from Dr. Winget and the staff at Raleigh Specific.”


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