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Beatrice A. - I was 1″ Shorter and had Tingling in my Toes/Hand/Low Back

“I initially sought out chiropractic because I had noticed that I had shrunk an inch in year!  I was also experiencing some tingling in the fingers of my right hand, the toes of my right foot and some low back pain.  A coworker of mine recommended me to her chiropractic and I tried him for 8 months, but the relationship did not go so well and I quit with a great distrust for chiropractors.

I finally decided to try chiropractic again and began my care with Dr. Winget.  With his vitalistic and educational approach, I have gained my inch back, have no tingling, feel healthier then ever before, made some life changing and life saving decisions and had my trust restored in chiropractic.  No colds or really being sick at all has been a big plus too!”


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