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Jerry G. - I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neuropathy

“The reason that I came to see Dr. Winget was that I had a loss of balance while walking and standing. Also, there was complete numbness (90% numb) in the toes and in the balls of my feet. It felt like I was walking on someone else’s feet. I was afraid that it was degenerating to the point that I would have to face loss of limb.

I went to another physician who ran electronic test called EMG on two separate occasions, and put me on a medication called Gabapentin for the last 2 years. Through all this, my feet got progressively worse.

I was afraid to ride my Harley, which I used to ride it at least once per week on day trips for 75-100 miles per trip or more. I could not ride my bicycle either. I stumbled a lot while walking, and started reaching out to grab onto things around me to steady myself. It was a great concern for me. During the posture check of my first exam, I could not stand with my eyes closed because I would fall over.

By the third Rebuilder treatment I had noticed the numbness regressing, first in the toes, then in the balls of my feet.

I am 90% confident now walking or riding my Harley and have planned a day ride for this weekend. I still have some numbness, but it is at least 50 – 60% improved after only 5 weeks of treatment. During my most recent examination, I could close my eyes and stand completely still during the posture check! I have more feeling and sensitivity in my feet and feel more confident in my balance. When we started, I honestly doubted that it would work because nothing has so far, but now I’m a believer in it. I am completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neuropathy.”


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