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Rick P. - I would describe my results as excellent or phenomenal.

What brought me to come see Dr. Winget was my growing inability to work. I am a painter and could not do my job. I was constantly dealing with lower back pain. I and had spells of dizziness where I couldn’t see straight. It had gone on for the last 3 years. I had shooting pain down my right leg with some tingling in the toes. It would get worse in the afternoons, especially on days I had to work. I would rate the low back pain at 8-9 out of 10 before I began seeing Dr. Winget. It was a huge effort just to get to work every day.

I had previously been seen by another chiropractor, but had been getting adjustments only, and had never tried spinal decompression. I would describe my results as excellent or phenomenal. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. I am back to working full time. My back can get sore from time to time but is much less painful and less frequent than before. After going through spinal decompression, my back pain averages 2 out of 10 now. I would recommend it to anyone who has low back issues or is considering surgery. Try decompression first, it’s the best alternative out there. You have nothing to lose except a day without pain! Last weekend I went on a church trip, and we went white water rafting and rock climbing and neither one made my back sore. I wouldn’t have even attempted that when I was in the condition I was in before.


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