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What Our Clients Are Saying

Kathy B. - Muscle Relaxers, Do Not Work as Well

“What was your main health concern that brought you to our office?
Neck pain, numbness in my arm and lower back pain.  I started seeing Dr Winget back in 1995 and was on a maintenace program when for one reason or another I stopped coming.  BIG MISTAKE.  My condition 5 years later was now worse then when I started back in 1995.

What type of previous care had you recieved for this condition?
I had taken over-the-counter pain relievers, and was treated for a pinched nerve and prescribed muscle relaxers.  Thats when I came back to Dr. Winget.

Describe your results under Dr. Winget`s care.
I no longer have any numbness in my arm.  The lower back pain has descreased and I no longer have the leg pain while standing on my feet for any period of time.
-Thank you Dr. Winget, I will never leave again!

(Kathy`s entire family is under care, and her twin children, who suffered from severe ear aches for many years, no longer have them, and some of the healthiest kids in their school)


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