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Mary Alice H. - My back pain is almost down to zero

I was experiencing lower back pain before beginning the Lordex program. It would range from a 6 to 7 out of ten in pain. I was unable to do anything without my back hurting; standing, sitting, or sleeping, but the worst was standing. I could only stand for a few minutes sometimes before I had to sit down somewhere. I had already tried cortisone injections, physical therapy, oral steroids, and muscle relaxers. My doctor ruled out surgery and suggested chiropractic and/or acupuncture. I noticed my “rst major improvement, this past weekend, after around 3 weeks worth of visits. I am sleeping better, sitting is not as painful. Standing is better, but is sometimes still painful when I stand for more than a few minutes. I recently went on vacation, and my back felt great in the car. Typically, riding in the car would make it feel very stiff and painful. My back pain is almost down to zero, I would say it is 1 out of 10. Update at end of decompression program: I went shopping all day yesterday and was on my feet walking a lot. My back pain was non-existent, zero out of ten!


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