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Natishia B.

I developed headaches, which I assumed I developed from the military. These headaches had been persistent for approximately 3 to 4 years. I was having headaches 2 to 3 times a week. I had been to primary care doctor on several occasions, who prescribed muscle relaxers; which would help some of the time. He also suggested I take Ibuprofen.

Needless to say, I carried Ibuprofen with me everywhere I went because I never knew when the next headache was coming. Ibuprofen would alleviate the headache for a short time period, but it would always come back. Upon my husband obtaining chiropractic services through Raleigh Specific and feeling better, he suggested I go in for an exam for my headaches. I finally went in for an exam on 1/7/14 for a NP consultation and exam. Within two days of adjustments, my headaches went away and I have not had another headache to date.

I never would have associated my headaches with my spine being out of line, but I am so glad I chose to go in for a consultation. I have a new appreciation for the science of Chiropractic care and would recommend everyone get an exam to make sure your spine is in line.


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