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Sara W. - I have been boating on the lake, swimming, riding on roller coasters at a theme park, and enjoying my summer!

Before I came to see Dr. Winget, I was dealing with low back pain that would radiate into my buttocks and the back of my legs. I was diagnosed with a spondylolisthesis at L5-S1. It would hurt every day, much more severe in the mornings, and would loosen up some during the day. In the morning, my pain level would get to be about as bad as I could stand. The pain would come and go through the day, but was always affecting me. I could not bend down to tie my shoes, and the pain prevented me from exercising, dancing, and playing tennis. It affected things around the house, like unloading the dishwasher, bending to get things in and out of the oven, or sitting for long car rides.

After my third decompression visit, I had already noticed that my back was improving. My symptoms changed from pain to slight stiffness. I was already noticing that it was easier to bend down to tie my shoes. I did have a day or two during the first weeks that my back pain would return, but it was not nearly as severe as it was before. By the third week, the pain was nearly gone!

I am feeling much better now, and have been able to return to doing things that would have been very painful before. I have been boating on the lake, swimming, riding on roller coasters at a theme park, and enjoying my summer!


Kathleen - My Fibromyalgia pain & medicine decreased in 4 weeks

“I had Fibromyalgia with a lot of back pain. Extreme fatigue, memory fog, high sensitivities to environmental scents. Also experienced asthma like symptoms. I tried numerous prescription sleep aids, depression medication, and muscle relaxers and pain medications. Each medication worked for a period of time and then no longer was affective. Between the pain medication and muscle relaxer, I had two hours of relief from pain and some energy. After 2 hours it was back to pain and fatigue. I experienced the pass of my language abilities and could only use 3-5 letter words. I had to use pads of memory helpers and still forgot to do things, where I placed things, etc. Just before coming to Dr. Winget, I was up to 100mg of Tramadol 4 times per day and still experiencing extremely high pain levels. I was forced to cut back to 3 times daily due to chance of heart attack. I was still having to use muscle relaxers 2-3 Skelaxin to supplement at least one time per day in order to function at a minimum level.  I Could only concentrate on 1 thing at a time. If I was interrupted while doing a task I would forget where I was at and would have to start over again, the list could go on and on. I never slept more than three hours. More than 10 degree change in temperature either up or down would keep me in bed all day due to pain and fatigue. Pain would travel to different places in the body. Most upper back but sometimes lower back, hips, upper arms, pelvis.

After coming to Dr. Winget for treatment three times per week for a little over four weeks the pain has subsided to a level 7. I have decreased my pain medication to 100mg 1 time per day and have not had to supplement it more than 1 or 2 times with muscle relaxers. The fatigue is not as bad as previously. I am beginning to fall asleep before midnight. Previously it would be between 2-5am before falling asleep. I would have my husband wake me at 10am every day or else I would have slept until noon. If I woke before 8am I would be a walking zombie and although my eyes would be open I could not be fully functional until 10am.

I cannot say enough about my treatment and have been praising God for healing me through Dr. Winget. Although I am not yet where I would like to be, I have come a long way in such a short time. I would never have believed such a thing was possible if I had not experienced if myself, I have suffered with the effects of Fibromyalgia for over six years and thought that it would be the way I would have to spend the rest of my life. I had to quit work almost 2 years ago. Thank you Dr. Winget, I look forward to the remaining treatments.”


Lowell U. - I am able to lift my hand and arm above my head again with no pain, thanks to chiropractic!

“The main health concern I was experiencing that brought me to see Dr. Winget was neck and upper back pain that radiated down my left arm—it also created pain in my left shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm above my head without excruciating pain, and it had been going on for over 1 year and was getting worse!  These problems began affecting my daily activities and was making it difficult to sleep properly.

Prior to trying chiropractic not much had been done to try to treat the upper back, neck and arm pain.  I was told it was arthritis and subsequently was prescribed muscle relaxers and arthritic medications.  Unfortunately nothing I tried had much of an effect.

Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed a tremendous difference in my pain levels and in my ability to function normally.  Within 2 weeks of starting care I noticed a huge difference!  After 6 months of care I am almost 100% pain free!  It does occur a few times but not as severe as it was prior to beginning care.  Now I am able to go back to the gym and I am able to pursue my hobbies again.  I am able to lift my hand and arm above my head again with no pain, thanks to chiropractic!”


Earl T.

“The main health concern that brought me to Dr. Winget’s office was severe back pain. The pain would occur after lifting heavy objects, sitting at the computer, or driving for long periods of time. The pain, which was shooting pain from the center of my back, started to occur more frequently and take longer to subside after each episode.

Since being under Dr. Winget’s care, I no longer get the severe pain after lifting heavy objects or sitting at the computer or driving for long periods of time. When I do get minor back pain, it lasts for days instead of weeks. Also, the range of motion in my neck has greatly increased, which was a problem that I had since high school.”