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What Our Patients Are Saying

Marilyn T. - Bronchial Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain

“Two years ago I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, high blood pressure, and was experiencing severe neck pain that radiated down to my shoulder.  My doctor had me using Advair twice a day as an inhaler, and was also taking a blood pressure medicine.  With the inhaler I got bronchitis about 3 times a year, and saw the doctor on a monthly basis.  The inhaler and blood pressure medicine were in addition to the daily Advil for arthritis in my thumbs, nose sprays with steroids for my allergies, and Lipitor for my cholesterol.  My cardiac doctor also administered regular stress tests for my heart monthly.

After 2 months of care with Dr. Winget, I am no longer using any inhalers (including Advair), taking any blood pressure medicine and the Lipitor is down to 1/2 a tablet twice a week!  I feel better then I have in years, and have not needed to visit my doctor since I started care!  I love that I am sleeping better, have more energy and even less stress with my care.  Thanks Dr. Winget!”


Tony E.

“I had burning in my legs (neuropathy). It was not leg pain, just plain old burning .My doctor started me with some drugs at first, Lyrica, but this did not work. This drug made me somewhat dizzy at the time, and sleepy also. One change I see and feel already is less burning in my legs. My neck seems to be a little better than what it was when I first came here. I have been coming to the office for eight weeks and the burning is 65% better!”


Timothy H.

“I first saw Dr. Winget because I had neuropathy which left me with no feeling in both of my feet. I would have nerve reaction in my feet when sitting where the nerves would start firing and make some muscles in the bottom of my feet twitch, which would last 3-4 seconds. I had no sense of cold on my feet, and if I stepped on an object, it would give me a feeling of sharp pain. My foot doctor had prescribed Gabapentin and Metanix, which were not helping my neuropathy.

I have had 5 weeks of treatment at this point, and currently my feet have improved about 70%! I can actually feel the bottom of my feet when I walk. The pain and twitching have gone away. I am very satisfied with the results so far!”


Alison N.

“I really did not have a problem when I first started. I grew up knowing chiropractors were the way to go for back help. So, when I moved to NC from MA, I knew I needed one.  After going to a health fair I came in for an exam and have been coming ever since!

Since coming regularly, I rarely have back pain or headaches! It’s wonderful. I also went through all nine months of pregnancy under chiropractic care and boy did it help with labor! It made labor for child number two a total of about 12.5 hours compared to 47.5 hours with my first! I totally believe being adjusted helped with that.”