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What Our Patients Are Saying

Vanessa D.

“I attended a health fair from my job and met RSC staff there. I was not able to walk, sit, or stand long at a time. I was experiencing neck pain, left arm pain, but the worst was the middle back pain that radiated down my tail bone, around the hips into the groin area. I couldn’t bend over, walk up steps, and getting out of bed was becoming impossible.  The pain was so excruciating at times, all I could do was cry and pop pills. I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor.

For the past year I have seen so many doctors, physical therapists, orthopedists, and have had water therapy, shots, injections, x-rays, MRIs that I can’t even count. I have taken so many meds to the point it messed up my stomach and had to stop but never had seen a chiropractor until now.

Dr. Winget and the entire staff at RSC have been a tremendous blessing in my life and words can’t express the thankfulness and gratitude, for truly I am not as handicapped or in pain all the time any more. I still have a long way to go but I thank God every day for his many blessings and sending RSC my way. I was almost crippled, was using a walker, cane, crutches, and took medicine all the time. It has used up all my time at work for being out. I had to have family members get me out of the car. I couldn’t go up and down steps and could not bend over, but look at me know! God is good!”


Ed - I have not taken pain medication in 60 days!

“When I first met Dr. Winget, I was suffering from sharp pain that traveled down my arms from my neck. After a diagnosis and commitment to try to get better, I began a full regimen of exercise and adjustments. After some 60 days, I can honestly state that the pain is gone from my neck to my shoulders, I can now throw a ball with my grandchildren, and the pain in my back (lower) from working in the yard is no longer there. In fact, I have not taken any Advil, Naproxen, nor Aspirin in the last 60 days and I feel great and energized!

I have become a believer that with a commitment to doing the prescribed exercises and getting regular adjustments, that you can reverse Subluxation and feel normal again. I might have never visited a chiropractor had my employer not had a health fair where Dr. Winger came. I’m glad I went and grateful for the care and treatment from Dr. Winget and the staff at Raleigh Specific.”


John H. - Giving me hope and renewed happiness

“I stared out feeling tingling in my feet, and then some numbness started. Not too long after that, weakness in my legs and hands and arms. My neuropathy doctor prescribed Gapapentin for me and told me that the symptoms would increase over time. I was very disheartened about the whole situation. Every day I was getting worse. Even keeping an eye on my blood sugar numbers I was still having progression in my symptoms.

My biggest concerns were whether I would still be able to work and exercise as time went on. When I heard about the Rebuilder from Dr Winget, I was eager to get started. I had ran out of other options. After about the first three sessions, I started to feel more strength in my legs, and some of the pain was gone. A ray of hope appeared in me again! I am now half way through my sessions with hopes of getting a home unit.

The Rebuilder has allowed me to continue to work and exercise. Hopefully in a few more months I will be able to increase my exercise. I thank Dr. Winget and his wonderful staff in giving me hope and renewed happiness. I prayerfully hope the Rebuilder continues to heal my condition. Thank God for Dr. Winget.

God bless you, John H”


Lemuel T. - Headaches, Neck Pain and Posture Problems

“I had a major headache everyday, and so I dealt with them by trying to ignore them and just living with the pain.  The neck pain I was suffering with I dealt with in the same manor and I was hardly aware of my posture problems.  I never took any over the counter medication for the pain, I simply ignored the pain.

When I started care with Dr. Winget I was hoping for the headaches to be taken care of.  So you can imagine how surprised I was when all the pain I had in my body was gone and when I noticed my posture was getting better.  I now sleep sounder, have more energy, feel 300% healthier, and I hardly get sick anymore.  If I do get sick it is gone within 24 hours, which is great!!

-Many Thanks to Dr. Winget and Staff!!”