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What Our Patients Are Saying

Edith - My Diabetic Neuropathy is manageable with 1 1/2 months

“I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy several years ago and was prescribed the medication Gabapentin. This bead eased the tingling and burning, the neuropathy cause- but it did not correct the problem. One day browsing through the News & Observer, I came across an ad that motioned corrective action with my spine that may help with neuropathy. I gave it a try and now I can sleep without socks. Before I needed socks to sleep at night. I am able to go shopping and stand for a longer period of time, where before my feet would burn, tingle, and feel numb. Now I haven’t taken a Gabapentin in about a month and a half. Before it was at least twice a month.”


Rob A - I was able to finish boot camp

“Before I came to see Dr. Winget, I had an accident at boot camp where I fell and injured my lower back. I also suffered from asthma and anxiety. When I arrived for my first visit, it was super quick but I could tell and feel a major difference in my back pain. Even after a while, my asthma improved and my anxiety improved a bunch.  After my appointments, I was able to go back to boot camp, and finish and graduate boot camp.

I am really glad I my mom showed me Dr. Winget’s office. Without his help, I wouldn’t have gotten better as fast. I also wouldn’t have gotten over my asthma.”


James - A surgeon wanted to perform surgery

“I had very bad lower back pain and shoulder pain.  I went to my family doctor in February and had x-rays done there. She referred me to take an MRI; which showed that my spine was twisted and that I had arthritis and bone spurs. My primary doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon, who wanted to perform a surgery that would have left two screws in my back. When I came to see Dr. Winget, I could barely make it through the tests and x-rays. I could not lie on my back without having severe pain. I could not lift my arms straight up or lift my legs. I also could not bend over, making it difficult to put shoes on.

I started treatment with Dr. Winget in April, and I am doing so much better. I can get a good night’s rest, tie my shoes, and bend over.”


Bob B.

“The smartest move I have ever made was picking up the newspaper, reading your article about neuropathy, and calling the office. After two weeks of care, I am already having 50% improvement on my right foot. I have re-gained some feeling already, and can feel it when someone touches my foot now! I have learned more about health and nutrition in the two weeks that I’ve been coming to the office than I have in the last several years.”