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Claudette W. - I feel as if I am getting my life back

Last year, I was scheduled for a medical procedure that required anesthesia. The preparation for the procedure included taking one tablet of the drug Raglan. After the procedure, I developed certain side effects, I believe caused by the Raglan drug. These included numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands, arms, and feet. My primary care doctor wrote a prescription for a drug he thought would lessen or eliminate those symptoms. Instead, they increased, and I developed additional problems, including sleeplessness, fatigue, and loss of hair. The answer from my primary care doctor was to recommend an even stronger drug from the same generic source. I simply could not take these drugs, because I developed almost all the side effects that were listed as possible. After undergoing several other tests, including nerve tests, X-rays, blood tests, vitamin D tests, brain scans, and more. No solution was found for my symptoms. I was at the end of my rope and my patience.

A friend recommended to me that I visit her chiropractor at Raleigh Specific Chiropractic. I did so in January, 2010, where I met Drs. James and Jill Winget. They conducted some preliminary studies of me, and recommended a program of spinal decompression treatment designed to treat a misaligned spine and disc damage. Almost immediately after starting the treatment, I had more relief from the symptoms than I had in the months previous.

When I began my decompression program I would rate my low back pain at 8 out of 10. The pain would range from sharp, shooting, burning, throbbing, and dull aching. It began more in the center of my back and is now right sided also. This had been going on for at least a year. I also had problems in my right leg, such as pain and tingling, and was getting out of bed and it would give out on me.

Throughout the attention provided to me by Drs. Winget, they have been very patient, kind, thorough, very helpful, and encouraging. Starting treatment by them has been very rewarding for me, and I am much better for it. I feel as if I am getting my life back.


Jerry G. - I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neuropathy

“The reason that I came to see Dr. Winget was that I had a loss of balance while walking and standing. Also, there was complete numbness (90% numb) in the toes and in the balls of my feet. It felt like I was walking on someone else’s feet. I was afraid that it was degenerating to the point that I would have to face loss of limb.

I went to another physician who ran electronic test called EMG on two separate occasions, and put me on a medication called Gabapentin for the last 2 years. Through all this, my feet got progressively worse.

I was afraid to ride my Harley, which I used to ride it at least once per week on day trips for 75-100 miles per trip or more. I could not ride my bicycle either. I stumbled a lot while walking, and started reaching out to grab onto things around me to steady myself. It was a great concern for me. During the posture check of my first exam, I could not stand with my eyes closed because I would fall over.

By the third Rebuilder treatment I had noticed the numbness regressing, first in the toes, then in the balls of my feet.

I am 90% confident now walking or riding my Harley and have planned a day ride for this weekend. I still have some numbness, but it is at least 50 – 60% improved after only 5 weeks of treatment. During my most recent examination, I could close my eyes and stand completely still during the posture check! I have more feeling and sensitivity in my feet and feel more confident in my balance. When we started, I honestly doubted that it would work because nothing has so far, but now I’m a believer in it. I am completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with neuropathy.”


Natishia B.

I developed headaches, which I assumed I developed from the military. These headaches had been persistent for approximately 3 to 4 years. I was having headaches 2 to 3 times a week. I had been to primary care doctor on several occasions, who prescribed muscle relaxers; which would help some of the time. He also suggested I take Ibuprofen.

Needless to say, I carried Ibuprofen with me everywhere I went because I never knew when the next headache was coming. Ibuprofen would alleviate the headache for a short time period, but it would always come back. Upon my husband obtaining chiropractic services through Raleigh Specific and feeling better, he suggested I go in for an exam for my headaches. I finally went in for an exam on 1/7/14 for a NP consultation and exam. Within two days of adjustments, my headaches went away and I have not had another headache to date.

I never would have associated my headaches with my spine being out of line, but I am so glad I chose to go in for a consultation. I have a new appreciation for the science of Chiropractic care and would recommend everyone get an exam to make sure your spine is in line.


Sandy Northup

Dr. Winget and the team are absolutely amazing!

When I first came to Raleigh Specific Chiropractic, I suffered from constant headaches and regular migraines. Every day involved taking Advil or some OTC medication for a headache. Several times the migraines were so severe that I had to go to the emergency room for IV medication to relieve the pain. My life truly revolved around the pain in my head, and I missed out on many of the fun things my family was doing because I was lying down in a dark room praying that my head would stop hurting.

When I came in for my consultation, I had very little hope that anything could actually be done to make me feel better. However, Dr. Winget, Dr. Jill, Jason, and the team were so welcoming, warm, friendly, and knowledgeable that I felt a small seed of hope that maybe this would be a solution that might make a difference in the way I lived my life. As Dr. Jill explained about subluxation and blood flow and showed me the areas that were affected in my neck and back, I really began to hope that things would improve.

I started feeling better after only a few sessions and before I knew it, my headaches were almost completely gone. It was truly amazing!

I feel so strongly about the value of the service that Dr. Winget provides that I brought my entire family in for evaluations and adjustments. I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I had met him 20 years ago! So many times I would “power through” something while in pain rather than be able to truly enjoy the event. I stopped my Amazon subscribe and save subscription for Advil and now rarely have to take OTC pain medication.

Dr. Winget, Dr. Jill and the team are always so concerned about my health. When we were leaving for vacation, they told me to call if I needed an adjustment on the way out of town and they would make sure I was good for vacation. They have often said that if I’m in pain, I can call-even over the weekend-for help.

The bottom line is-Dr. Winget and his team truly care about their patients and will do anything possible to help us feel better. I consider him a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to have them all over for dinner.

Thank you Dr. Winget! My family is indebted to you…