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Jonathan N. - Now after the treatment the pain is gone and I feel stronger than before I started down this road.

I was under regular chiropractic care and was referred to Dr. Winget by my chiropractor to be evaluated for spinal decompression. I had a herniated disc, with sciatic pain going down my right leg. The pain was sharp, radiating, and burning. The longer the time, the more it moved down my leg. It started in my back and hip, and went to the thigh, then the knee, lower leg, and finally to the foot.

On 28 August 2010, I went to urgent care. They diagnosed it as sciatic nerve inflammation and gave me hydrocortisone. On 01 September 2010, I went to a general practitioner who ordered an x-ray and MRI and gave me something for the inflammation. On 04 September, I went to an emergency room and had a shot, and they gave me some Percocet. On 13 September I first went to Raleigh Specific Chiropractic.

Since starting with decompression, I have felt better every time I came for treatment. While taking the treatment, it felt so good that I wanted to stay on the machine, and I felt relieved and felt like my discs were hydrating. While going through the treatment, my right leg bothered me more but was told that it would be normal because my back was being straightened out. Now after the treatment the pain is gone and I feel stronger than before I started down this road.


Walter - My one stop shop for healthy living.

“To be completely honest, I had no plans of getting chiropractic care. I was for the most part content with going to work, taking care of my yard, and leading my everyday life. I had the occasional hip pain here and there but nothing bad enough to convince me that I needed regular chiropractic care.

After witnessing firsthand the pain my daughter was in and then seeing her wonderful transformation towards pain free healing, my interest in chiropractic care was peaked. Out of the blue my daughter invited my wife and I to an information session on subluxation. I found the information session on subluxation very informative and encouraging. Dr. Winget not only explained what a subluxation is, but gave me the opportunity to ask questions without pressure.

It wasn’t long after the information session, I had my first visit with Dr. James Winget.

Now that I am 4 months into my treatment, I have noticed the following changes:

  1. Gait has been equalized thus walking has improved
  2. Arthritis in hip region has improved
  3. Sitting posture is less cumbersome
  4. Overall bodily flexibility has improved by 100%

After taking Dr. Winget’s Maximized Living ® supplement vitamins these past 4 months, my results from my General Physician has significantly improved.

Overall, signing up for regular chiropractic appointments was the push that I needed to propel me into the total package of healthy living. Raleigh Specific Chiropractic is my one stop shop for healthy living. I have a community to learn with, a community to challenge me, and a committed team to help me reach my health goals.”


Brian U. - I would absolutely recommend spinal decompression to anyone facing the same problems I started out with.

I was referred to the office from my mother, who has seen Dr. Winget and recommended that I come see him. I was experiencing significant lower back pain that bothered me all the time. I could not engage in anything physical: walking, climbing stairs, even sitting still as they all bothered me.

After a week of spinal decompression, maybe less, I started noticing changes in my pain level. I have had a total recovery, with no residual pain, I am back to playing basketball, doing any activity that I want, and just went on vacation to the beach without my back bothering me at all! It used to be difficult to raise my legs while lying down, and now I can lift them up with ease. I would absolutely recommend spinal decompression to anyone facing the same problems I started out with.


Alex - My foot pain and numbness was cut in 1/2

“I had pain in my hands and feet – my feet also felt numb in approximately the front 1/3 of the feet.

After approximately 7 weeks of treatment, the pain in my hands is a 2-3 out of ten vs. a 5-6 before. The numbness is confined mostly to my toes at this point. Before, when I sat up on the side of the bed to get up, the bottoms of my feet were very painful. Most of that is gone. This enables me to walk better, especially without shoes on.

The treatment on my neck and lower back has given me greater range of motion with less pain/binding. I feel much better – even mentally there is more hope as I can feel Gods healing taking place. This, plus the faith to be healed is overwhelming.

Te neurologist had said my neuropathy was severe and advanced – unstoppable – irreversible – and irreparable.

I am thankful to be at this new point in my life, and am looking forward to completing this program and the positives I believe will come with that

I recommend this treatment program to anyone who is suffering as I was or has been ‘thrown under the bus’ by the regular doctors and medical system.”