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Michelle G. - Within two months, I was feeling tremendously better

“Growing up, I was a dancer. I danced for 13 years before I noticed the severe pain in my knees. It got so bad that I could barely walk up stairs, couldn’t kneel, and couldn’t exercise without pain. I ended up having two knee surgeries over the next year. Unfortunately, they didn’t solve the problem.

The pain increased and spread into my back, neck, and shoulders. The pain was so bad that simply touching my shoulders would make me cringe. I went to physical therapy for three years – no improvement. I tried acupuncture for 8 months – no improvement. My orthopedist finally sent me to a rheumatologist thinking it was something auto-immune. The doctor put me on heavy medications for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and even they didn’t touch the pain. She told me it was like I was a 23 year old in an 80 year olds body.

A friend who has been seeing Dr. Winget for years suggested I give chiropractic care a try. I was hesitant but was desperate. I was 23 years old and wanted to be able to exercise, wear high heels, kneel on the ground with my students, and dance with my friends.

So, I had an evaluation and started treatment. Within two months, I was feeling tremendously better. Now after 9 months, my back and neck pain is almost completely gone, and the treatment Dr. Winget has started on my knee s helping more than anything I’ve tried. Dr. Winget has been a true blessing to me, and I am so grateful to everyone at RSC for the support they have given me. I highly recommend chiropractic care to everyone, as I truly believe it can work miracles!”


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